Backpacking in Asia, street food
Backpacking in Asia. Street food is affordable and delicious.

a letter

backpacking in Asia

Dear Asia,

You plucked me out of my comfort zone.
I was scared of everything those first couple of weeks, my head filled with other people's stories on backpacking in Asia. However, none of my fears materialized. In fact, I felt better than I had in years. The fresh, delicious, food, and the warm-hearted people with the spirit of unrushed, innate happiness, made our initial meeting unforgettable. The lands are distinctly diverse, mystical, with ethnic charm intertwined with ultra modern amenities.

You gave me faith and courage. You cured me of the notion that the streets of Asia are littered with enlightened gurus just waiting to bestow the secrets of the universe on me. Instead, I discovered pearls of wisdom rolling off the tongues of street vendors and strangers in the park and that all the answers I'm looking for are within.

For all of that (and for the flight in a Hello Kitty plane), I thank you.

Till we meet again.
With love,



Backpacking in Asia

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