New Zealand
and Australia

a letter

Dear New Zealand,

If someone told me they saw a unicorn sipping water from your Pelorus river with an elf in its saddle, I'd believe it. Well, maybe not the saddle. Elves surely ride bareback.

I fell head over heals for you. The laid-back charm of towns, the thermal beach and bubbling mud pools in sharp contrast with the glaciers and ice-cold lakes, Hobbiton, where the movies were shot, the glow worms, the fjords, and the friendliness of people... let me count the ways.
I don't think I can go much longer without seeing you again.

a letter

Dear Australia,

You're so at ease, even the customs officer seemed like she was having a grand old time, beaming with smiles and well-wishes.
A regular walk in a park feels like a trip to the Zoo, kangaroos hopping around and colorful parrots chirping overhead.
You have the most beautiful and the least crowded beaches I have ever seen. People are likable and cheeky, coffee is phenomenal and the nature is stunning.
I haven't nearly had enough of you.

With love,

tree beach
NZ and Oz


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